Green Ribbon Fairs

Tennessee Soybean Farmers Show Their Products at Dyer County Fair

Back Porch Stage

As the soybean checkoff wraps up a summer of partnering with state and county fairs across the country to promote soy-based products, I invite you to the last of these fairs – the Dyer County Fair, Sept. 3-8. Our county fair will put your soybeans to work. It will use soy-based soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, paint and dust suppressant. Ten other fairs, including the Maryland, Missouri and Ohio state fairs, also partnered with the checkoff this year to use soy products.
The checkoff supports new uses for soy by funding research, development and promotion of new consumer and industrial products made from your soybeans. To browse the Soy Products Guide, a catalog full of products you could be using on your farm or in your home, please click Soy Products Guide