Market Animal Sale

The Market Animal Sale will be held in the Livestock Arena

The Dyer County Jr. Livestock Association is an organization designed to promote youth in the agricultural related project of livestock production. It is governed by an Audit Advisory Board made up of 9 adult advisors, agricultural teachers, and Dyer County Extension personnel. Terms are staggered so that Adult Advisors are appointed by the current board members to serve a 3 year term. Each year, 3 advisors go off the board and 3 new members are named to the board. Members cannot serve two consecutive terms. The 3 Livestock Officers also meet with the board. These advisors will establish and enforce all the rules and regulations for the organization and provide overall program direction. The following rules and regulations are part of this organization and provide overall program direction and have been established by the board.

  • Eligibility - Exhibitors must be a 4-H or FFA member in Dyer County that will be in Grades 4-13 by September 2018. Eligible exhibitors and a parent/guardian MUST attend Quality Assurance training conducted prior to weigh in. A signed copy (exhibitor or parent) of the 2018 rules must be on file for each participant. Failure to abide by the results in disqualification from this year's show and possibly future shows.
  • Membership - $25.00 per member will be deducted from their sponsorship check. An additional $2.00 will be deducted from Market Hog exhibitors to meet Pork Check-off requirements.
  • Ownership - All market animals in this program must be owned and fed by the exhibitor from the initial weigh-in date until the show/sale day. All animals exhibited must have a current (within 60 days)(CVI) Certified Veterinary Inspection. Scrapie tags will be required per state guidelines.
  • Entries - An exhibitor can weigh in and show 3 animals of one species or a maximum of 4 animals if showing 2 or more species. ONLY 1 ANIMAL will sell through the auction. The highest placing animal will be the sale animal. If showing more than one species, the exhibitor must designate which species will sell by the end of the show. Animals must remain in designated area on the show/sale day.
  • Showing - DCJLA Board will determine classes. For safety purposes, any animal deemed unruly/unsafe may be excused from the show ring by an official. Showmanship classes will be set up based on 4-H EXPO guidelines, (Grades 4-6, 7-9, and 10-13). Participants must show and sell their own animal. Exceptions must be submitted in writing to the DCJLA Adult Board for approval.
  • Sponsorship Sale: Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2018
  • Sponsorship Dinner: Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2018 at 6:00 PM across from the Livestock Barn at the fairgrounds.
  • Each participant is responsible for having their market animal at the Dyer County Fairgrounds for the scheduled weigh-in prior to the show, weighing in the animal, getting the animal ready for show, feeding/watering the animal, and showing their animal in the show and in the sale. Each participant is responsible for making sure that their animal is correctly penned before and after the sale.


    1st - $20
    2nd - $15
    3rd - $12
    4th - $10
    5th and below - $5


    Patsy Peckenpaugh